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Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Fall in Frederick County

Fall is officially here! While we’re hoping for mild weather for the next couple of months, it won’t be long until temperatures in the Middletown area will start to drop. It’s a good idea to go through a plumbing checklist before cold weather hits to prevent any disasters in your home.     Get a tune-up on your water heater

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Outdoor Kitchens are Ideal for Summer Chefs

Mmmm Mmmm!! Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of barbecue season. If you cook your meals outside often, you know what a pain it can be to walk in and out of the house to run water when needed. One option is to add an outdoor kitchen to your patio. Outdoor

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Use Your Tax Return to Update Your Plumbing

If you’re getting a decent amount on your tax return, it’s tempting to spend it on fun stuff. But instead of planning a cruise or a trip to the Poconos, why not invest in something that will improve your home’s value and make it function better for years to come? Particularly if

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Stock up on Winter Storm Supplies Now

While we’re all hoping this winter isn’t as severe as the last one, there’s a good possibility we’ll see ice, snow, and subzero temps in the near future. This would be a great week, while the weather is fairly quiet, to go out and stock up on winter storm supplies. Prepare for

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Tips for a Plumber-Free Thanksgiving

We’re  thankful for our customers, and always love to take on calls when our services are needed. But we’d also like for you to make the most of your time with family this Thanksgiving – and that means not having to call us in the middle of dinner to clear a

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The Farmers’ Almanac Predicts Another Frigid Winter

The 2015 Farmers’ Almanac will be released this week, and its prediction for Maryland is almost identical to last year’s: a crisp, cold, stormy winter. Since the Almanac was spot-on in 2014, it’s best to start taking measures now to prevent plumbing problems before the first cold snap hits. Look for Leaky Faucets If you

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Keep Your Plumbing Under Control While You’re Away

There’s a lot to think about when you’re taking your family on a vacation. But aside from packing everyone’s clothes and stopping mail delivery, you should also think about what could happen with your plumbing while you’re gone. You can save money and avoid a few hassles by taking a

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Avoid Winter Storm Plumbing Problems

Here we go again! There’s nothing we can do to prevent the foot of snow we’re expected to get in Middletown tonight, and chances are if you have a problem, it might take us a while to get to you. Here are a few precautions you can take to avoid

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Prevent Frozen Pipes

In some areas last week, the temperatures dropped below zero, and you probably heard about people having problems with their pipes bursting. Even though we’re in average temperatures this week, frigid weather will return before we know it. Let’s be sure you know what to do to keep this messy

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