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I Sam 2:30a “Those who honor me, I will honor…”

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24-Hour Service

Monday-Saturday, Sunday after 1 pm
I Sam 2:30a “Those who honor me, I will honor…”


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  • Products and Services

    We repair and install everything from the water coming in to your home to the waste going out:

    Garbage Disposals

    The garbage disposal is one of the most frequently used machines in the home, so when you need an installation or repair, make sure it’s done by a licensed professional.

    Common Garbage Disposal Repair Issues

    Showers And Tubs

    Keeping your family healthy and clean is your priority, so keeping your showers and tubs working properly is ours. Whether you want to upgrade your bathtub or unclog a shower drain, we can help.


    Dripping faucets can waste a lot of water—sometimes as much as 2,000 gallons per year—resulting in a much higher water bill. Repairing your faucets may seem easy, but they have valves and seals as well as threads and washers that wear out. It’s important that trained and licensed plumbers are the ones who examine and fix the problem to make sure it’s done correctly.

    New faucet installation
    Whether your faucet is too old to repair or you’re just wanting an updated look, Putman can help. Installing new faucets and fixtures can transform your kitchen or bath into an entirely new space and add value to your home. If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen renovation, give us a call.

    Water and Sewer Lines

    We can help with both common and complicated problems in your home’s water and sewer lines.

    Clearing of Blocked Sewer Lines

    Putman plumbers follow the most efficient process for clearing sewer lines

    Well Pumps

    We can help with both common and complicated problems in your home’s water system. Whether it’s a private well or a municipal water supply system, we know water.

    Private well systems can stop working at any time for many reasons:

    1. Age of pump or water storage tang, incorrect size of either one.
    2. Electrical problems such as the switch, control box, etc.

    Any of these problems can be checked out by a Putman Plumbing tech.

    We install and service a variety of well pump types including:

    Constant Pressure Pumps

    The Pressure is On — And that’s a Good Thing!

    NOTE: Well yield and pumps need to be checked for proper sizes before installing Aquavar SOLOTM Pump Controller or heavy demand systems.

    Call us for a free consultation or better yet we can install a temporary unit to try for a few weeks at a minimal fee.

    Municipal water systems are less problematic with pressure issues than private. Low pressure can be because of broken pipes underground which serves your house or possibly a pressure reducing valve is not working correctly, or other faucet issues may also play into the scenario. Either way, techs at Putman Plumbing can help find the cause and cure the problem.

    Drain Cleaning

    Is your drain stopped up? No need to worry.

    Blocked main sewers are no problem for heavy duty augering machines which can open any line up to 6” in diameter. First we clear the line and flush out debris, then we use a drain vision camera to see where and why the blockage occurred. The exact location can be detected by other equipment we have in our arsenal of drain related tools, so getting to the problem can be done as fast as possible with the least amount of disruption to your property.

    Blocked sewers can be caused by foreign objects in the line, roots, improper aligned pipes, etc.

    Smaller lateral drains can also clog due to rust, grease, or improper installment which cause bellies in the line or misalignment. No matter the size of the line, either inside or out, we will clear, repair and clean up behind ourselves so you won’t even know we were there. The tech will be able to evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution for your specific problem.

    Drain maintenance products are also available to keep drains in tip-top shape.

    Water conditioning systems/water softeners

    Are you getting the best water you can get?

    When it comes to your water, you should expect clean dishes, bright, soft clothes and a spotless shower stall. If you have hard water, all of these may be hard to get.

    Hard water contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that can make water taste bad, clog drains, leave buildup on dishes and shower stalls, and even keep appliances from working their best. Water softening systems or conditioners reduce these mineral levels, giving you clean, clear water.

    A water conditioning and softening system can be installed under the sink for your kitchen needs, or used as a whole house system. They are five different types:

    Your Putman Plumbing professional can offer solutions to best meet your needs and treat your water.

    Sewer Camera

    We’ll run a camera through lateral lines (e.g., kitchen, laundry) and sewer main lines. Our plumber will be able to evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution for your specific problem.