Well Pumps

We can help with both common and complicated problems in your home’s water system. Whether it’s a private well or a municipal water supply system, we know water.

Private well systems can stop working at any time for many reasons:

  1. Age of pump or water storage tank, incorrect size of either one.
  2. Electrical problems such as the switch, control box, etc.

Any of these problems can be checked out by a Putman Plumbing tech.

  • Diagnose and correct short cycling “on-off” of the water pump
  • Replace water pumping systems
  • Replace and adjust the water pump pressure control switch
  • Install and de-waterlog pressure tanks
  • Diagnose problems with water filters and tanks
  • Troubleshoot pump systems

We install and service a variety of well pump types including:

  • Shallow well jet pumps
  • Deep well jet pumps
  • Convertible jet pumps
  • Submersible well pumps
  • Constant pressure systems