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Outdoor Kitchens are Ideal for Summer Chefs

Mmmm Mmmm!! Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of barbecue season. If you cook your meals outside often, you know what a pain it can be to walk in and out of the house to run water when needed. One option is to add an outdoor kitchen to your patio. Outdoor

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Give the Gift of Comfort This Mother’s Day

Moms dedicate their lives to keeping everyone else happy. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your wife or mom this Mother’s Day, consider a few things that will make her happy and comfortable all year long — she deserves it! Add Comfort In the Bathroom If your

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How to Design a Left-Handed Kitchen

Since the majority of homeowners are right-handed, most contractors don’t think about how inconvenient traditional kitchens are for lefties. So if you’re left-handed and are  building a home or renovating your kitchen, make sure to voice a few preferences that will make your kitchen more functional for you.  Sink When

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Don’t Put Produce in the Garbage Disposal

Spring is a great time to enjoy delicious fresh veggies. Asparagus and artichokes are ready now, and carrots, peas, and onions will be popping up soon. When you’re preparing these foods in your kitchen, try to keep in mind what your garbage disposal can handle. It’s best to remember that

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Should I hire a plumber for my kitchen renovation?

Are you thinking about using your tax refund to renovate your kitchen? That’s exciting!   Whether you plan on simply buying new appliances or overhauling your countertops and faucets, you’re making an investment to improve the most used room in your home, as well as increasing your property value. To

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