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Give the Gift of Comfort This Mother’s Day

familyojMoms dedicate their lives to keeping everyone else happy. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your wife or mom this Mother’s Day, consider a few things that will make her happy and comfortable all year long — she deserves it!

Add Comfort In the Bathroom

If your mother is older, replacing her toilet with a comfort height toilet could make her time in the bathroom a lot easier. These taller toilets provide two extra inches so mom doesn’t have to sit so low. Installing a grab bar on the wall near the toilet can help too.

Does your wife love massages? It may be hard for her to make time to go get a massage often, but she’d probably love a new shower head with a built in massager.  You could also splurge on her and have a jetted tub installed.

Add Convenience In the Kitchen

We all know how busy life is with kids, so cooking quick, easy meals is a necessity. An instant hot water heater eliminates the need to boil water, so pasta or hard boiled eggs can be ready in minutes. And a new faucet with a sprayer can make rinsing dishes so much easier.

If she’s constantly filling up a filtered water pitcher, think about installing a filtered water dispenser near your faucet. Endless drinkable water is something everyone will enjoy.

Has your mom never had the luxury of having a dishwasher or garbage disposal?  Now may be a great time to spoil her. Both can be installed quickly with the help of a plumber.

Help Out All Day Long

Have everyone pitch in to help mom on Mother’s Day. Clean up breakfast. Do the dishes. Fold laundry.  Give her a break, and let her know how much she’s appreciated every day of the year.

Putman Plumbing wishes all the moms in Frederick County a Happy Mother’s Day!