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How Cold Does it Have to Be For Frozen Pipes?

Temperatures in Frederick County are a little warmer this week, but in the next few days we’ll drop well below freezing. Water pipes can burst when temperatures get low enough, so it’s a good idea to be aware of why that can happen and how to prevent it. When Is

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Winter Plumbing Tips From Putman

With snow expected in Frederick County and throughout Maryland tomorrow, and temperatures dropping into the teens next week, it’s a good time to remind area residents how to protect your plumbing in winter weather. As much as we love the business, it’s best to be proactive and be prepared if

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Prepare Your Home Now to Prevent Pipes From Freezing

We’re enjoying mild temperatures for January in Middletown this week, but that could change within a week or even days.  Take advantage of the break in the cold to take the steps needed to prevent your pipes from freezing when temperatures drop. Why Should I Worry About Frozen Pipes? Many pipes are

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How to Keep Melting Snow from Flooding Your Basement

Just as the weather folks predicted, we got a lot of snow in Maryland. Winter Storm Jonas packed a punch in Frederick County and the snow looked pretty as it fell, but now that it’s piled up in our yards and will soon melt, it’s time to think about something not so pretty:

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Happy New Year! What to Expect in 2016

As we head out of 2015 and into the New Year, we’re reflecting on how lucky we are to have faithful customers like you throughout Frederick County who brought us business this past year. As much as we love your business, the best way to show our appreciation is to tell

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Prevent Frozen Pipes

In some areas last week, the temperatures dropped below zero, and you probably heard about people having problems with their pipes bursting. Even though we’re in average temperatures this week, frigid weather will return before we know it. Let’s be sure you know what to do to keep this messy

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