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Prepare Your Home Now to Prevent Pipes From Freezing

We’re enjoying mild temperatures for January in Middletown this week, but that could change within a week or even days.  Take advantage of the break in the cold to take the steps needed to prevent your pipes from freezing when temperatures drop.

Why Should I Worry About Frozen Pipes?

Many pipes are close to the outside of the house, such as those under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and some are in garages and basements where it gets extra cold. When water in these pipes freezes and expands, the pressure can crack or break the surrounding pipe and lead to a big mess.

How Can I Stop Pipes From Freezing?

To avoid frozen pipes, you have to keep them warm.

  • Wrap exposed pipes in  insulating material or towels.
  • Open cabinet doors so warm air from the kitchen or bathroom can reach the plumbing.
  • In frigid temperatures, let water trickle from the faucet to keep it moving.
  • When it’s in the single digits outside, don’t turn down your thermostat a lot when you’ll be away from home for the day. You’ll need warm air in the home to keep your pipes warm.
  • Never turn your heat off, even if you’re out of town.

How Do I Handle Frozen Pipes?

When you turn the faucet on and no water or just a trickle comes out, the pipes could be frozen. Don’t keep trying to run the water. Instead, try to thaw the pipes. If you have access to any other water, heat the water in the microwave or on the stove and use it to wet some rags. Rub the hot rags on the pipes to warm them. You can also use a space heater in the room with the frozen pipes or turn up the thermostat.

What Should I Do If a Pipe Breaks?

If a frozen pipe breaks, water will start to flow into your home. Close the main shut-off valve, usually in the basement, garage, or outside by the foundation.  If you can’t locate a shut-off valve, call you utility company. When that’s taken care of, call Putman Plumbing right away so we can repair or replace your pipes.

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