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Are You Concerned About the Water You Are Drinking?

If you aren’t, then perhaps you should be. Contaminants and chlorine are often in the water that our families cook with, bathe in, and drink. The public water companies do an excellent job of cleaning the water, but we think it’s a good idea to take that process one step

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Is A Water Leak Draining Your Wallet?

Water conservation is an essential element of saving the earth’s natural resources. However, it’s also a great way to save you money in the process. Water leaks are a known source of increasing your home’s water usage and, coincidentally, the bill as well. Some leaks are evident, like a dripping

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We’re Here for You During the Christmas Holiday…

There’s no better time to count our blessings than the holiday season. From a warm home to food, clothing and an endless supply of warm water, we have so much in terms of everyday conveniences that not all nations share. We, too, are truly grateful for all that we enjoy

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A little less water goes a long way.

Is your home dripping with excessive water use? If so, or if you’re unsure, there are a number of water conservation tips you can adopt to help put the brakes on running water in your household: To keep from over-watering your lawn this summer, purchase an inexpensive spring-loaded timer which

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When hot showers go cold.

There’s nothing like starting the day off with an invigorating hot shower. That is, until it gives way to an arctic dousing just a couple minutes into your steaming morning soak. What gives? Well, getting the cold shoulder from your shower can be attributed to a number of things. The

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