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Are You Concerned About the Water You Are Drinking?

If you aren’t, then perhaps you should be. Contaminants and chlorine are often in the water that our families cook with, bathe in, and drink. The public water companies do an excellent job of cleaning the water, but we think it’s a good idea to take that process one step further. There’s an array of water treatment products on the market. All of them have pros and cons. Whether it’s a whole-house system or one that’s attached at your kitchen sink, we are very knowledgeable in anything that’s plumbing or water related, and are glad to help you choose what’s best for you and your family.
One brand that we often recommend is H20 Harmony. This is a solid, reputable brand of water filtration systems that we’re proud to offer their products. In fact, H20 Harmony even offers a link to explain the process of how water filtration and softening works. Click here for details.
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Putman Plumbing (www.putmanplumbing.com) is a leading Middletown plumbing company serving residential plumbing needs. Putman prides itself on offering outstanding work with the highest integrity. Putman Plumbing has earned the right to display the Green Screened seal, the Technician Seal of Safety and the Preferred Plumber seal. All of these show the dedication to protecting the safety of homeowners with the highly trained professionals at Putman. Putman offers expert plumbing services and products for water heater repair or replacement, faucets, toilets, showers, drain cleaning, maintenance solutions, water treatment and water softening, and more.