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Prevent Easter Plumbing Problems With These Tips

As you begin to plan next week’s Easter celebration, you’re probably excited to get together with family and share a wonderful meal. But in order to prevent having to call a plumber on Easter, make sure you know what should and shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal. You can get on

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Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable?

School’s out, and that means your bathroom is seeing a lot more action. If your family uses flushable wipes, your toilet and pipes could be majorly clogged by the time fall comes. Why? Because flushable wipes are, well, not so flushable. When regular toilet paper is flushed, it disintegrates almost

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Don’t Put Produce in the Garbage Disposal

Spring is a great time to enjoy delicious fresh veggies. Asparagus and artichokes are ready now, and carrots, peas, and onions will be popping up soon. When you’re preparing these foods in your kitchen, try to keep in mind what your garbage disposal can handle. It’s best to remember that

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Toilet 911: A Comode in Crisis

It can be the most temperamental fixture of a home. And it can become pretty costly if not running at full capacity. In fact, nothing screams “home emergency” quite like a faulty toilet. Whether it fails to flush, backs up, leaks or continuously runs, toilet repair ranks at the top

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