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Prevent Easter Plumbing Problems With These Tips

As you begin to plan next week’s Easter celebration, you’re probably excited to get together with family and share a wonderful meal. But in order to prevent having to call a plumber on Easter, make sure you know what should and shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal. You can get on top of plumbing problems from the start by cleaning your drain before guests arrive. Pour a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of white vinegar into each drain to make a foam taht will eat away buildup inside your drains.

Easter Egg Shells

Eggs have a membrane inside the shells that can shred and form a web that captures other foods and liquids that go into your drain pipe, which can cause clogs. The membrane lining can also wrap around the garbage disposal’s shredder, causing it to malfunction. So stick those shells in the trash after your egg hunt.

Ham Bones, Chicken Bones, Any Bones

No matter what your main course is, don’t throw the bones in the garbage disposal. They will splinter and get lodged in your drain pipe.

Oil and Grease

Cooking oil or even the grease that bakes out of the ham should never be poured down the drain. It will thicken and cling to the pipe, just like it does if you leave it sitting in a pan. Instead, pour the oil or grease into a coffee can or another dish and either wait for it to harden or put a lid on it and throw it away.

Celery and Asparagus

These stringy foods will wrap around the blades of the garbage disposal and cause it to slow down, so throw any leftovers in the trash.

Pasta or Rice

Just as these foods swell up in your stomach and make you feel full, they’ll swell in the drain pipe and cause a clog. So avoid scraping these into the garbage disposal or sink at all cost.

Call Putman Plumbing if You Need Easter Plumbing Help in Middletown

We’re always here to help if you have any questions about your plumbing. Just give us a call! Happy Easter from Putman Plumbing.