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  • October is National Toilet Tank Repair Month

    Yep, it’s true. There is actually a month dedicated to fixing your toilet. The EPA says a leaking toilet can add up to about 200 gallons of wasted water per day (or 78,000 gallons per year) which adds up to LOTS of wasted money, so someone somewhere decided to dedicate an entire month to preventing all that waste (no pun intended). If you’ve noticed any issues with your toilet, now is a great time to figure out what the problem is. We’ll tell you whether it’s something you can try to fix yourself or something that’s better left to your trusted Middletown plumbing company.

    1. Faulty flapper. If you hear your toilet constantly running, the tank isn’t filling up — usually because the flapper won’t close. The rubber stopper (or flapper) at the base of the tank can become brittle, worn, dirty or misaligned with the flush valve seat, or the seat itself is so corroded that the stopper won’t seal. You can clean the flapper or tank ball with a brush or scouring pad, but if the leak persists, you’ll need to have the flapper replaced or a new seat installed. We can help with that!
    2. A loose lever. A toilet lever is basically fastened to the tank by a nut, which can eventually work its way loose. If that happens, the handle will jiggle rather than fully raise the plunger or flapper like it’s supposed to. You can try fixing the problem by tightening the nut. If that doesn’t seem to be the issue, it could be that the chain connecting the lever to the flapper is tangled or unhooked, so untangle and rehook if the chain if that’s the case. If the handle still jiggles, give Putman Plumbing a call.
    3. Overflow of the pipe or flush valve. If the overflow pipe and/or flush valve becomes corroded, it can cause leaks that lower the tank’s water level. This makes the valve turn on repeatedly to refill the tank with water, so it’s best to replace the flush valve assembly with a new one if you don’t want to keep getting a high water bill. Another overflow related problem occurs when the water level is set too high and reaches the top of the overflow pipe when the fill valve shuts off. This makes small amounts of water pour into the overflow pipe, causing the valve to turn on to refill the tank. Sometimes you can solve the problem by setting the tank water to a lower level, either via the adjustment screw or an adjustment clip located on the link of the valve. If this all sounds too complicated or doesn’t fix the problem, call us.
    4. Fill valve won’t shut off. A fill valve that won’t shut off will cause water to continually pour down the overflow pipe. The culprit is often debris such as hard water deposits or tiny pieces of corroded pipe that become lodged under the valve’s seal, and it’s a common problem with well systems without filtration. The best way to fix it is to shut off the water supply to the toilet and remove the valve top, cover the opening with an inverted cup, and turn the water on and off several times to flush the debris out. If the problem persists, the valve seal may be cracked, so call Putman Plumbing.
    5. Noisy filling. When a toilet is loud as it fills up, it’s often due to an angle adapter that points straight down the overflow pipe. Tilting the angle adapter allows the refill water to hit the inside wall of the overflow pipe, which eliminates some of the noise. If you try that and it’s still noisy (or you just aren’t sure what we’re talking about because you’re not a plumber), call us!

    Want Your Toilet Fixed Right the First Time? Call Putman Plumbing!

    Your toilet is something you have to use every day, so don’t risk making the wrong fix or messing with parts you’re not familiar with. Call the most trusted plumbing company in Frederick County to have your toilet fixed during National Toilet Tank Repair Month!



    5 Easy Summer Plumbing Tips

    With plenty of sun and warm temps this week in Frederick County, your household is likely to be using more water outdoors and indoors. In fact, studies show that the average family’s water usage can increase by up to 50% during the hottest months.  To keep your utility bill from soaring this summer and maintain a problem-free plumbing system, follow these tips.

    Call Putman Plumbing if You Need Any Summer Plumbing Help! 

    Enjoy playing in pools, on slip-n-slides, and all the other water fun summer brings. Just be sure to pay attention to any dripping faucets or other plumbing problems. Your friendly Middletown plumbing company would be happy to help!


    5 Springtime Plumbing Problems to Watch For

    This time of year in Harford County brings fluctuating temperatures that can cause plumbing problems. Very warm days followed by a cold spell can wreak havoc on pipes, leading to big trouble if you ignore signs that something is wrong. We’ll tell you about five common plumbing and drainage problems that can happen this time of year so you know what to look for.

    Signs of Spring Plumbing Problems

    If you notice these warning signs, call Putman Plumbing!

    Low Water Pressure

    When water pressure is low, it’s often a sign that there’s a leak somewhere which could be coming from a cracked pipe. If it happens once, it’s probably no big deal, but if you notice it doesn’t return to normal, you’ll need a licensed Middletown plumber to take a look.

    Standing Water

    Leaky pipes will cause water to pool in the affected area. You may see small puddles under your outside faucet, a wet spot under your sink, or even a big puddle in the middle of the yard where an underground pipe has burst. It’s important to get this fixed right away so your water bill doesn’t go through the roof and to prevent more damage.

    Slow Drainage

    If you notice slow draining in all of your sinks, showers and tubs, it could be due to a tree root in the drain line. Water has a hard time getting past the root, so it won’t be able to drain as quickly. When all of your drains are slow, it’s important to have a plumber assess the situation in case a pipe needs to be repaired.

    There could also be clogs in water pipes from holiday meals such as greasy foods clinging to the sides, but if this is the case you’ll just notice one drain operating slowly. Your trusted Frederick County plumber can remove the clog using a power rodding machine with drain cable.

    A Sump Pump That Doesn’t Come On or Constantly Runs

    When a sump pump discharge line is clogged with sticks, dirt, rocks and other debris, water can’t properly exit. Check to see if this is the problem, and clear as much as you can see to determine if that’s the problem. You may want to add a grated attachment that keeps debris from building up inside. If your sump pump still doesn’t work after clearing the line, give us a call to prevent a flooded basement this spring.

    Call Putman Plumbing for All Your Spring Plumbing Needs!

    If you notice any of the above issues, contact us. We’ll be happy to come out and take a look to make sure your plumbing works well for the rest of the season!

    How Cold Does it Have to Be For Frozen Pipes?

    Temperatures in Frederick County are a little warmer this week, but in the next few days we’ll drop well below freezing. Water pipes can burst when temperatures get low enough, so it’s a good idea to be aware of why that can happen and how to prevent it.

    When Is It Cold Enough for Pipes to Freeze?

    Many homes in Northern Maryland are built to withstand cold weather, but if you have an older home that has pipes along outer walls and an unconditioned attic, the “temperature alert threshold” is 20 degrees F. This threshold is based on research conducted by the Building Research Council at the University of Illinois.

    Why Do Water Pipes Burst?

    Pipes don’t burst when ice initially forms inside of them, but rather when continued freezing and expansion causes water pressure to build up between the ice blockage and a closed faucet. It’s similar to what happens to a can of soda when it freezes (according to LiveScience.com, “Frozen soda can explosions are not due directly to water expanding as it freezes, but to the resulting pressure put on an isolated pocket of C02”).

    How Can I Prevent My Pipes From Freezing?

    What If I Suspect a Frozen Pipe or a Pipe Bursts?

    If you open a faucet and no water comes out, turn it off quickly and call a trusted licensed Middletown plumber. Don’t attempt to thaw a frozen pipe with a lighter or other type of open flame since this can damage the pipe or even start a fire. If a plumber isn’t able to get to you quickly, put a space heater in the room where you think the frozen pipe is located, or if you have access to hot water, rub hot washcloths on the pipes.

    Putman Plumbing is Here to Fix All Your Winter Plumbing Problems

    Whether you suspect frozen pipes or you have a problem with your water heater, we can help. Just call our office and we’ll send a skilled, licensed Middletown plumber right over!


    How to Avoid Plumbing Problems at Your Holiday Party

    You may think cookies, candy, gifts and decorations are the most important parts of hosting a successful holiday party, but there’s something your guests will remember even more if it goes wrong — your plumbing! To avoid a disaster from happening while having a festive time with friends and family, follow these tips!

    Point Guests to Multiple Bathrooms

    You don’t want guests to have to wait in line to use the toilet, so let them know which bathrooms are available for use. It might mean cleaning the kids’ toilets before your party, but it will also prevent clogs that could happen from too many people using your hall bathroom.

    Keep a Trash Can Near the Toilet

    Hopefully most guests know what can be flushed and what can’t, but providing a trash can will be a good reminder. If you’re not sure about the toilet knowledge of some of your guests, place a sign that lists things NOT to flush like feminine products, baby wipes, and paper towels.

    Provide a Plunger in Plain Sight

    You don’t want guests to be embarrassed if they happen to cause an overflow. Keeping a plunger next to the toilet will ensure that guests can catch a clog before it floods the bathroom.

    Keep an Eye on the Garbage Disposal

    Hopefully you know by now not to put grease, oil, or hard items like bones in your garbage disposal. You never know if guests will try to grind the wrong foods, so it’s best to show them to the trash can when they’re finished eating.

    If You Have a Plumbing Problem in Your Middletown Home, Call Putman!

    We hope your party goes great and all your guests have a wonderful time. Just in case you have a clogged toilet, a broken garbage disposal, or any other plumbing issue, our licensed plumbers are only a phone call away. Happy Holidays!



    Why Pumpkins Don’t Go in the Garbage Disposal

    Halloween is this Wednesday, and hopefully you’ve already enjoyed some of the fun and scary things going on around Frederick County. If you haven’t had your fill of Halloween fun, don’t worry. There are still some events in the area going on this week and next weekend.

    Gaver Farm Field Trip on October 31. Meet up with other homeschooling families at this Mt. Airy Farm, where kids can wear their costumes, pick pumpkins, take a hayride, run through a corn maze and play on playgrounds!

    Screamland Farms  on November 2 and 3. This haunted attraction in Frederick will still be open next weekend, so check it out to experience the Hayride of Horrors and zombie paintball!

    SuperHero Fall Kidfest in Leesburg on November 3rd offers a chance for your little ones to wear their costumes again and eat some yummy BBQ.

    Carving Pumpkins This Week? Read This First!

    If your family plans to carve pumpkins this week or you’ll be making pumpkin pie in the near future, it’s important that you dispose of scraps properly. No parts of a pumpkin should ever go in the drain or garbage disposal! Stringy guts can clog drains and wrap around the blade causing it to stop, while pumpkin rinds and seeds are too hard for the blade to cut through, so they can damage the disposal.

    Avoid a clogged sink and broken garbage disposal by scooping guts and seeds into a bowl or newspaper, then throwing the scraps into the trash can or a compost pile.

    Happy Halloween from All of Us at Putman Plumbing!

    We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween. Plumbing problems can be scary, so if you need any plumbing help from a trusted plumber in Middletown this week or any time, give us a call!

    Plumbing Problems Due to Heavy Rain: What is Backdrafting?

    It looks like it’s going to be a rainy week in Middletown. We’ve talked about the importance of a sump pump during rainy seasons to keep your basement dry, and that if you notice your sump pump acting strange you should call us. But there are also some other plumbing problems that can happen in stormy weather that can affect your plumbing system’s health and your family’s safety.

    When an excessive amount of water backs up your sewer system, it can cause backdrafting in your home.  It’s imperative that you find out how to prevent this from happening and how to handle it if it does in order to keep your family safe.

    What is Backdrafting?

    Appliances such as boilers and water heaters are designed to release harmful byproducts such as carbon monoxide and explosive methane gases through a flue where they safely exit the home. But when excessive rain water backs up your drain system, it can cause negative air pressure inside the home to draw in these dangerous gases. If this happens in your home, you’ll notice a sewer odor in your home. It’s important to identify where negative air pressure could be coming from, particularly during rain, sewer, or storm drain flooding. Some possibilities could be:

    How Can Putman Plumbing Fix My Backdrafting Problem?

    If you notice a sewer-like smell after heavy rains, be sure to call us for professional plumbing help. We will run tests to determine if backdrafting is the cause and if it is, we’ll find out why it’s happening. We may need to find a safer place to install your water heater, clear drains, or replace plumbing vents and exhaust fans. You can be certain we are the best plumbing company in Frederick County for the job!

    Call Putman Plumbing for your sump pump or ventilation needs today. We’ll be happy to help.


    Snow On Your Roof Can Cause Plumbing Problems

    It may be the first day of spring, but it clearly doesn’t feel like it in Frederick County! With up to 12 inches of snow expected in parts of Maryland, there’s a possibility that too much snow could settle on your roof and cause plumbing problems.

    How can snow on the roof cause plumbing problems?

    Your sewer releases gases through a vent stack located on your roof. After a really heavy snow, that vent can become blocked and prevent air pressure from regulating your system. Smelly, potentially dangerous gases can back up into your living space if the problem isn’t addressed quickly.

    Signs that your sewer vent is blocked:

    Gurgling in drains. You may hear gurgling or see water bubbling up and out of drains. You may even hear gurgling in your toilet after you flush. This happens because air that should be flowing up and out of the sewer vent has nowhere to escape but through the drains.

    If your sewer vent is blocked, you may even hear gurgling in drains other than the one you’re using. For example, if you flush a toilet, you may hear gurgling in the tub. This indicates that these two plumbing fixtures share a vent-and it is blocked. In some cases, gurgling noises indicate that there is no vent for that drain or fixture.

    Slow Drains. A single slow drain may just mean the drain or pipe is clogged, but if all of the drains in your home are slow and you’re also noticing the other issues we’re describing, blocked sewer vents are very possible.

    Sewage Odors. If you smell rotten eggs coming from your drains and toilets, you’re probably smelling  air escaping through the drains due to blocked sewer vents. You may even experience headache, nausea, dizziness and drowsiness due to these gases.

    How to Deal With a Blocked Sewer Vent

    Of course the best solution is to clear snow away from the vent and melt any snow that has made its way into the vent, but that may not be possible right away during a snow like we’re expecting. An immediate way to prevent gases from entering your living space is to add water to basement floor drains, empty shower stalls and unused basement toilets. This helps because a blocked vent stack causes water to siphon from water traps in the drain line between each fixture and the main stack. As water is pulled from the traps to replace existing water/air flow, it will allow sewer gases to enter the home. More water in the traps prevents that gas from entering.

    To prevent this problem from happening again, your trusted Middletown plumber can replace your vent pipe with a longer one so it’s less likely to become blocked.

    Call Putman Plumbing if You Suspect a Blocked Sewer Vent or Any Other Plumbing Problems

    Hopefully this will be the last winter storm in Frederick County. If you have plumbing problems now or any time this spring, give us a call.



    Putman Plumbing Sponsors Soles of Love in the Garden

    We are proud to sponsor Soles of Love in the Garden at the “Wedge” level. In the past 6 years, this charity event has donated over 1,700 shoes to Frederick County area students, and raised additional money to purchase winter boots for these children as well.

    This year, Soles of Love in the Garden will be held at Surreybrooke in Middletown on August 4th from 7 pm to 9 pm. The garden party will be a  relaxing evening of friendship, conversation, music, and community. Each guest is asked to donate new children’s shoes that will be given to children in need. This year’s theme is “Fruits of Summer,” and guests are invited to dress in the color of their favorite fruit to pay tribute to the “Fruits of the Spirit.”

    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23).

    Soles of Love in the Garden was established in in 2011 after Julie Gaver recognized how many local families were in need of shoes for their children. Julie decided to start a charity in which friends could enjoy time in the garden with her (one of her favorite pastimes) while collecting shoes for these families in need.


    Tickets for the event are $20 and can be purchased here. 

    Treat Dad to Frederick County Fun for Father’s Day

    We want to wish a Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the awesome dads out there. Whether you’re the dad or you’re celebrating your dad, we hope you plan to spend some fun family time together in the next few days. These hard-working dads deserve it!

    Here are some ideas for things to do around town. Hopefully you don’t end up with any plumbing problems that get in the way of your plans!

    E.T. Under the Stars

    Take dad back to his childhood as you watch E.T. together Friday in Carroll Creek Ampitheater. Gates open at 8 p.m. and the movie starts at 9. Admission is free and snacks and drinks are available for purchase.

    Baseball With Dad

    There aren’t many dads who don’t love a good baseball game. Head to see the Frederick Keys play the Hillcats Friday, Saturday or Sunday at Harry Grove Stadium. On Father’s Day, you can even play catch with him on the field for 30 minutes after gates open!


    If dad is a movie lover, take him to Frederick Community College on Saturday night for the Forbidden Love Movie Themes Concert. Music will be played from Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Forrest Gump, Phantom of the Opera and West Side Story. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are from $15-$25.

    Is your father a Beatle’s fan? On Sunday at Baker Park Bandshell, Abbey Road LIVE! will be playing sounds of the Beatles starting at 7 p.m.

    Local Beer

    Take dad to sample some of Frederick County’s locally brewed beer. Head to Milkhouse Brewery in Mount Airy, Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, or grab dinner and a drink at Brewer’s Alley Restaurant in Frederick.

    Fun at Home

    Life is busy. If you don’t get to hang out at home with the kids much, have a water fight. Watch a DVD. Just enjoy spending time together.

    Happy Father’s Day from Putman Plumbing

    We hope you have a wonderful weekend without any plumbing problems, and enjoy making new memories with your family. If you do happen to need our services, just give us a call.