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Why do I have low water pressure?

shower-1027904_1280If your dishes aren’t getting completely rinsed in the dishwasher, or your shower seems like it’s not producing enough water, you may have a problem with water pressure. There are several reasons your water pressure could be low. Let’s take a look and see what could be the cause of your issue.

Leaks in the Plumbing System

A leak in your plumbing system will reduce water pressure because it doesn’t allow water to flow where it needs to go. Leaks can cause excess water to be used as well, so you may have notice an increase in your water bills. We can come and test your meter to see if we suspect a leak, and then determine the source of the leak to fix it.

Corrosion in Piping

Steel or galvanized water piping systems are made to last 20 years, but over time the insides of these pipes start to corrode and can prevent water from flowing as it should. There’s no quick fix for this problem, but we can replace the piping system. You’ll be shocked at how much better your water pressure gets when water is able to make its way through clean, clear pipes.

 Debris and Mineral Buildup

When a water main cracks, it allows debris including sand and dirt into your home’s pipes. Your pipes are also likely to hang on to mineral deposits that cling to them after going through your home. Buildup of any kind is likely to slow down the flow of your water.

We can examine a section of piping to determine whether mineral buildup is the culprit, and then use plumbing chemicals we trust that will flush the debris out of your home’s plumbing system.

Water Problems in Frederick County Cities

Your problem with water pressure could be caused by a malfunction in a municipal water supply system. Area cities have piping that can leak or be blocked by debris and cause issues with residential water pressure. If you talk to neighbors who seem to be having the same problems, call your local city water supply company to ask if there are issues that could be affecting your water pressure at home. Hopefully it’s something they are addressing promptly.

We’d love to help you get back to enjoying clean dishes and massage-quality pressure in your shower. Just call Putman Plumbing today!