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School’s Out for Summer! Here’s How to Avoid Plumbing Problems While the Kids are Home

Now that Frederick County schools are out, the kids are playing in sprinklers, eating more food at home and creating a lot more laundry for mom and dad. These are all par for the course for summer, but they’re also things that can cause potential plumbing problems. Find out how to prevent some of the plumbing problems that can happen when the kids are home, and if you can’t prevent them, call us!

High Water Bills

Filling up pools and washing the car with the hose are all classic summer activities. But if you don’t keep an eye on how long the outside water has been on, it can really drive up your water bill. Remind the kids not to splash too much water out of the pool, and set a timer when they’re playing in the sprinkler. If your teenagers are washing their cars with the hose, teach them to turn the water off while they’re soaping up the car.

Sink Clogs and Garbage Disposal Problems

Your kitchen sink will take a beating with more cereal being poured down the drain and scraps being grinded in the garbage disposal. Remind your kids not to pour food down the drain since it can cause clogs, and that they shouldn’t put hard things like apple cores, orange peels, or chicken bones down the garbage disposal. In fact to play it safe and avoid plumbing problems while young kids are home, you might want to tell them to put all food scraps in the trash.

Non-Flushable Items in the Toilet

Clogged toilets are a big concern in summer just because everyone is flushing the toilet all day. It’s important for kids to know how much toilet paper is appropriate to use, so tell them they only need 6 squares or whatever you decide is appropriate. And while flushable wipes are very popular these days, they don’t dissolve in water like regular toilet paper so make sure to tell everyone not to flush more than one at a time since they can clog the toilet. It’s also a good idea to remind girls not to flush any feminine products.

Washing Machine Problems

With all the baseball games and time spent at the beach or in the sandbox, a lot of dirt and sand will be going through the washing machine this summer. To avoid the washing machine from breaking or leaking, rinse as much debris as possible out first, and also check pockets for gum, candy, and other sticky stuff. This is not a good time of year to have to run to the laundromat!

Call Putman Plumbing if You Have Any Summer Plumbing Problems!

Enjoy your extra time with the kids this summer, and if you do have any problems, let us know!