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School’s Out! Follow These Tips to Avoid Summer Plumbing Problems

Now that the kids are home from school, there are more possibilities for potential plumbing problems. Before you find yourself dealing with a wet mess or paying a sky high water bill, follow these tips.

Set a Sprinkler Timer

Playing in the sprinkler or hose all summer never gets old, but it’s important to put a cap on the amount of time the water is on. Try setting a timer to tell the kids when to turn the sprinkler off, and always double check it to make sure it’s all the way off.

Talk About What Goes in the Toilet (And What Doesn’t)

On an average day, the kids will be flushing at least five times, so clogs are a big concern. Tell (and even show) your kids how much toilet paper is appropriate to use, and teach them not to flush paper towels or other non-flushable items.  If you use flushable wipes in your home, warn the kids not to flush more than one at a time since many brands don’t dissolve after flushing.

Rinse the Dirt Before Doing Laundry

Dirt from the baseball field and sand from the sandbox will be constantly going through the washing machine this summer. Make sure to rinse as much debris as possible out of clothes before putting them into the wash, and check pockets for gum, candy, and sunflower seeds. If you notice any leaks around your laundry room, be sure to call a plumber. This is not the time of year to have to be running back and forth to the laundromat.

Keep an Eye on the Garbage Disposal

You’re used to the kids pouring cereal and milk down the garbage disposal before school, but now that they’re home all day they will be eating lunch and snacks. Remind your kids not to put hard fruit rinds and cores, bones or other foods into the garbage disposal, and that greasy or oily liquids should never go down the drain since they will harden and get stuck.

Call Putman Plumbing for Any Plumbing Problems!

Have a great summer, and if you see any leaks or have problems with your water, be sure to call your Middletown plumbing experts!