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Scary Plumbing Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

As we approach October in Frederick County, you may be making plans to head to one of the spooky seasonal activities nearby. Whether you’re heading to Zombie Paintball at Crumland Farms, a Ghost Tour at Brewer’s Alley, or going to see Into the Woods at Frederick Community College, we hope you have a scary good time! You can find more information about each of these Frederick events here.

While going to a haunted house or watching a scary show is fun, ignoring a scary sound coming from your plumbing system is not. If you notice any of these issues, call Putman Plumbing right away.

What’s That Sound in My Plumbing Pipes?



If you hear a high-pitched squeal, you need to call a plumber to prevent damage to pipes and fittings. Squealing pipes, AKA caviation, happens when water from a large pipe flows into a smaller pipe. A plumber could just adjustment the pressure valve, but it may require replacing a worn washer or valve.

A Screaming Tap

A screaming sound could indicate that you need a new washer or that the tap stem needs lubrication. These are simple, quick fixes, and making an easy fix is much more desirable than dealing with leaks down the road.


A loud banging sound coming from your pipes is referred to as water hammer in the plumbing world. It can happen when there’s a sudden change in water pressure, usually when a tap is shut off. This sends a surge of pressure into the tap or valve, and if the pipes are loose, they may bang into the walls. What’s even more scary than the sound is that eventually, it lead to broken pipes, damaged fittings, or damaged appliances. To fix it, a trusted plumber may install a pressure-limiting valve at the main line, and sleeve or clip the pipes to stop them from hitting walls.

A Gurgling Toilet

Fixing a gurgling toilet could just require replacing a worn-out valve or faulty ballcock, or it could mean there’s a backed up sewer line. Yikes! If the toilet doesn’t run while it gurgles, make sure to call Putman Plumbing right away to avoid a super stinky disaster.


We hope you enjoy this month of spooky activities ahead. If you need a trustworthy Frederick County plumber, give us a call.