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Plumbing Upgrades Make Great Gifts

showerheadStill trying to think of what to buy someone special, but don’t want something that will lose its novelty after a month? The perfect gift should last much longer, so consider adding some luxury to your Frederick County home with some plumbing upgrades.

Every Morning at the Spa

Skip the gift certificate to the spa and let your wife enjoy a massage every morning with a new shower head, or have a nice big soaking tub installed.

No More Bending Down to Brush

Traditional counter tops are made for shorter, or at least average height, people. If your husband is 6’4″, chances are he has to bend way over to shave or brush his teeth. Invest in a nice tall vanity that will make his morning routine much more comfortable.

Softer Water

Tired of cleaning that buildup off of your shower stall walls? The same hard water that causes that grime could also be the reason for the speckles all over your dishes. The minerals in hard water contains high levels of minerals that leave buildup and even keep your dishwasher from working its best. A water softening system can reduce mineral levels for cleaner water. Have a whole house water softener installed as a gift!

Clean Drinking Water

Has your mother-in-law been filling up the same filtered water pitcher for years? She may love to fill up her glass of clean water straight from the faucet. Ask her if she’d like to have a filtering system installed under her kitchen sink. Putman Plumbing can recommend a system that will fit into her cabinet perfectly.

Our staff of knowledgeable plumbing experts and technicians would love to help you think of the perfect gift for Christmas. Just give us a call and we can discuss and install a touch of luxury that your loved one will appreciate for years to come!