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Plumbing is Serious Business

Plumbing is more than just running water. Plumbing matters can be serious business if you don’t know what you are doing. An improperly installed hot water heater can cause serious scalding to families due to overheated water. A system that backs up into the home can make a family ill due to the fumes. A sink or toilet that isn’t properly installed can leak and cause serious water damage to the home. There’s more to plumbing than what most may think. It takes many years in the state of Maryland for an individual to become a Master Plumber and earn their license. Always ensure your plumbing service provider has the proper credentials.

The trained experts at Putman Plumbing &Heating are licensed professionals. We’ve earned the honor and right to display the “Preferred Plumbing” symbol and the “Technician Seal of Safety”. Allow Putman Plumbing & Heating to resolve your plumbing’s toughest issue, by clicking here or contact the experts at Putman Plumbing & Heating, Inc. by calling 301-371-4395!