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“Life Chain” Reaction (Part 2): What’s the “Real” Problem

Last time we discussed how life can be like riding a bike… you are cruising along enjoying the ride when suddenly your chain comes off. Let’s review

Review… Step One: Stop what you’re doing (stop pedaling). Sometimes we get in “coast” mode and don’t realize we could be doing things better and more efficiently or with more consideration for others. Click here to read more about Step One.

Step Two: Assess the problem.

  • Is it truly the chain that is off?
  • Does it just need a little grease to let it operate more smoothly?
  • Is there a really a problem with the pedals?
  • Am I slowing down because I just started up a hill?

There could be many reasons why your progress has slowed. In fact, many times we may fail to realize the real issue facing us. Putting Step One to work (stop, reflect, and discover the real problem) is instrumental in setting up the proper action to get your chain back in gear and get pedaling again.

To assess the real problem, start with your Goals. Goals will provide a baseline for where you wish to go and help you pedal in the right direction.

Example: If your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight and you feel you are going nowhere fast, stop and assess the problem. Perhaps it’s not your will power to resist certain foods, but rather you are not exercising enough and in the right way to support your nutritional diligence. Without this time for reflection, you may never really see just what is keeping you from your goal.

Next up… Step Three: Determine the right course of action to get the chain back in place and get moving forward again.