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Get to know your plumbing vents.

When you think of the plumbing in your home, probably the first things that come to mind are pipes – lots and lots of pipes. Maybe some fixtures too, like sinks, toilets and the bathtub. However, a piece of the plumbing puzzle that’s often overlooked is ventilation.

Sure, everyone is familiar with vents when it comes to heating and cooling. However, plumbing vents are equally important to the livability of your home.

Also called a venting system, plumbing vents are special pipes that lead from your water-using appliances and fixtures to an outdoor area. Oftentimes, the vents lead up to the roof.

And why is their existence so important? Because plumbing vents carry sewer gases instead of water, allowing the gases to leave your home safely without getting backed up, which could potentially make you and your family sick. They also help to bring oxygen into your plumbing system, which helps with the aerobic sewage digestion needed for breaking down waste. What’s more, plumbing vents help maintain the water seals in the plumbing traps, which keeps sewer gases from entering your home.

Does your home need to have plumbing vents? Yes, according to building codes, which require a vent for every appliance and fixture in the home. Without proper plumbing venting, air quality can suffer dramatically, your appliances could be susceptible to damage and your family’s health could be at risk.

Having the right vents isn’t enough. The vents need to remain clear so they can do their job. Given that many plumbing vents exit at the roof, they can be easily clogged by leaves and other tree debris, as well as birds and a number of nest-building critters.

Why take chances? We’d be happy to arrange a visit to address any plumbing ventilation issues or concerns you might have. If you need to “vent,” just give us a call.