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Full house due to Covid-19? Take these plumbing precautions.

With students learning at home and many parents telecommuting, plumbing systems around Frederick County are working overtime. While Putman Plumbing is always here to help with your plumbing problems, we’d like to remind you of some things your family can do to reduce the chance of needing to call us.

Only Flush What Should be Flushed

With more people using the bathroom throughout the day, you can expect clogged toilets, especially if your family uses flushable wipes. Remind everyone to use only as much toilet paper as they need, and that if they need to use a flushable wipe to only flush one at a time. If you have a problem finding toilet paper in stores, don’t ever flush paper towels since they will not dissolve in liquid and will ball up in your plumbing pipes.

Don’t Pour Grease and Fat Down the Drain

Cooking hot breakfast for your family every morning? Remember not to put bacon grease or butter from toast into the kitchen sink since this will quickly lead to clogged pipes. You should also remember not to let food particles end up in the sink because they will also cause it to back up. Instead, scrape grease and fat into the trash can and pour only liquids down the drain.

Hard Foods Don’t Go In the Garbage Disposal

If the kids are eating oranges, apples, peaches and melons, remind them that rinds, seeds and cores go in the trash. These hard items along with chicken bones and other “ungrindable” things are likely to damage garbage disposal blades or break the disposal all together.

Putman Plumbing is Here for You in These Uncertain Times

Since your safety is our number one concern, we’ve implemented strict guidelines to ensure our plumbing technicians follow proper sanitary practices while visiting customers’ homes. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need any plumbing help. We care about our community and know that by all of us working together, we can get through this.