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BioSmart Manufacturer Receives EPA Award


As a proud distributor of BioSmart, the most advanced drain treatment available, we’d like to congratulate Osprey Biotechnics on receiving the 2015 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award. Osprey Biotechnics received the award in recognition for its achievement in the design, manufacture and promotion of products such as BioSmart that are safer for families, workplaces, communities, and the environment.

To qualify for the Safer Choice label, a product must meet EPA’s Safer Choice Standard, which includes stringent human and environmental health criteria.

 The Benefits of a Safer Drain Treatment

Traditional chemicals used in drain cleaners eat away at plastic pipe, and can also produce heat and fumes. These harmful chemicals destroy natural  friendly bacteria that water systems rely on to reduce oily and organic components such as grease and residue.

BioSmart was created using natural vegetative bacterial cultures and enzymes that has no effect on inorganic materials such as plastic pipe, and digests organic waste such as grease, soap scum, hair, and paper. It can be used in septic systems, cess pools, grease traps and drain lines, and works more quickly than other cleaners.

Made to be safe for the environment and humans, BioSmart has exceeded the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) Challenge.

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