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Avoiding frozen pipes

As we move into later January and February, we are seeing the temperatures drop even further. It is important to take care of our houses through these winter changes and one of the first places to turn to is our plumbing. Freezing pipes can cause problems that are very easy to prevent, and no one wants the hassle of a burst pipe.

  • Make sure your thermostat is always set to 68 or higher. This is the simplest way to avoid problems.
  • Wrap outside plumbing in tape, newspapers and/or towels. Disconnect things such as garden hoses.
  • During cases of extreme cold, let faucets that are most vulnerable drip.
  • Keep cabinet doors, attic doors, etc. open to let the warm are from the house flow around the pipes.
  • Plumbing supply stores and stores like Home Depot sell drain and pipe insulation sleeves.
  • Never use an open flame to heat up a pipe that you suspect is frozen, as this creates a fire hazard and can damage pipes. You may be able to help thaw it with a hair dryer, starting as close to the faucet as possible and working toward the coldest part of the pipe.