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Avoid Winter Storm Plumbing Problems

SnowstormHere we go again!

There’s nothing we can do to prevent the foot of snow we’re expected to get in Middletown tonight, and chances are if you have a problem, it might take us a while to get to you.

Here are a few precautions you can take to avoid plumbing problems the storm might cause.

Protect Your Well Pump

If you’re on a private well and the power goes out, turn the breaker off to the pump. This will protect the pump when the power comes back on.

Keep Your Toilets Flushing

While your water is flowing well, fill up the bathtub in each bathroom. If your pipes end up freezing, you can use this water to fill the toilet tank so you can continue to flush. Simply fill the tank up to the fill tube/flush valve. You don’t need to turn the supply to the tank off.

Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

Leave your sink cabinet doors open so the pipes have access to warmer air. Even if you lose heat, this will allow trapped cold air in the cabinets to escape, making it harder for the pipes to freeze.

Also leave your faucets on at a tiny trickle, especially if they’re located close to an exterior wall.

Save Your Bib Lines

If you haven’t already and can get to them, wrap your hose bib lines with insulation. Drafts into spaces where piping exists is the number one cause of frozen and burst hose bib lines. If you don’t have insulating material, you can use cloth or newspaper, then cover them with plastic bags.
Other than that, sit tight and stay safe and warm.