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5 Easy Summer Plumbing Tips

With plenty of sun and warm temps this week in Frederick County, your household is likely to be using more water outdoors and indoors. In fact, studies show that the average family’s water usage can increase by up to 50% during the hottest months.  To keep your utility bill from soaring this summer and maintain a problem-free plumbing system, follow these tips.

  • If you’re heading out of town on vacation for even a few days, turn down your water heater to save energy.
  • You’ll probably be washing beach towels and swim suits frequently, so make sure to inspect the hoses and machine and make note if you hear or see anything strange.  The lifetime of a rubber washing machine hose should be replaced about every 3 years.
  • Think about replacing old showerheads, faucets, and toilets with EPA WaterSense products to save on your water bill.
  • Water your lawn and landscaping in the early morning and evening after the sun goes down, so water isn’t lost due to evaporation.
  • Check to make sure the hose is completely turned off after the kids play in the sprinkler. You don’t want to pay for water you’re not even using.

Call Putman Plumbing if You Need Any Summer Plumbing Help! 

Enjoy playing in pools, on slip-n-slides, and all the other water fun summer brings. Just be sure to pay attention to any dripping faucets or other plumbing problems. Your friendly Middletown plumbing company would be happy to help!