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4 Reasons Why You’re Flushing Your Toilet Twice

flushtoiletThe kids of Middletown and surrounding cities still have a few week left until school starts, and we know what that means: your toilet is still getting a lot of extra action. As if summer water bills aren’t already high enough, if your family is flushing twice to get rid of all their “business,” your water bill is even higher. So what’s the solution for a stubborn toilet? It could be something easy or it could be a tough job that a plumbing expert should handle. Let’s look at some possibilities.

Your Low Flush Toilet’s Water is Too Low

Low flush toilets are supposed to save water, but if they don’t create enough suction to do their job, you end up having to flush twice and using more water. You might want to think about replacing it with a better model.

The Bowl Has Hard Water Buildup

Many areas in Maryland have hard water filled with calcium and magnesium. These minerals can cling and clog the pathways that lead water from the tank into the toilet bowl. When there’s not enough water in the bowl, the toilet can’t flush enough waste down. Don’t rush into pouring harsh chemicals into the toilet to try to get rid of hard water stains. Talk to a plumber to see what an easy, safe fix might be. If hard water seems to be the problem, you may want to look into a whole house water softener.

There’s a Flapper Issue

If you have an old flapper, it can crack and let tank water leak into the bowl. When it’s time to flush, there’s not enough water in the tank to force the waste down the drain. You might try replacing your flapper.

If your toilet flushes all the way when you hold the handle down, but not if you let it go, try shortening the chain. It could just be that the chain is too long so the flapper closes too early to let enough water fill the bowl.

The Drain is Clogged

A toilet drain can be clogged for several reasons. If you’ve been using “flushable” wipes, they don’t always dissolve and can be compacted into a large ball that blocks water from getting through. If you have kids, chances are paper towels or other things that aren’t supposed to be flushed could be the culprit. You can try using a plunger and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, you may need a plumber to come out and snake your drain.

There could also be a tree root that has grown into your plumbing pipes, which would require immediate attention. The only way to know for sure is to have a skilled plumber investigate. Using a plumbing camera inspection, a plumber can determine the location and reason for the clog and fix the problem quickly.


Putman Plumbing would be happy to help figure out your problem. Give us a call and soon you’ll be enjoying fewer flushes and lower water bills!