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3 Ways to Avoid Scary Plumbing Scenarios this Halloween


halloween-1743242_1280It’s a fun time of year in Frederick County. Leaves are falling, ghosts and witches are sprawled across neighborhood lawns, and spooky jack-o-lanterns are grinning ear to ear about upcoming Halloween festivities. One thing you definitely want to do this Halloween is keep it fun – and that means not having to deal with plumbing disasters just when little goblins start ringing your doorbell.

1) Don’t put pumpkins in the garbage disposal!

Whether you’ve made a pumpkin pie or you just want to get rid of the slimy stuff after carving them, pumpkin rhinds, guts, and seeds don’t belong in the garbage disposal. The rhinds and seeds are too hard and can damage the blade, and stringy insides can clog and even damage the disposal. Avoid a malfunctioning nightmare and thrown them in a compost pile or in the trash.

 2) Don’t ignore scary sounds in your pipes.

The moaning, banging or rattling coming from your pipes aren’t just regular sounds of the season. If you have high water pressure or loose pipes that need to be secured, you’ll hear these kinds of sounds. Call a plumber to investigate so you can have the problem fixed quickly.

3) Don’t let your faucets keep dripping.

The scariest thing about a dripping faucet is the scream you’ll hear when you see your water bill! It may not look like a lot of water as it comes out in tiny drops, but a leaky shower, tub or sink can actually add up to extra gallons of water per day. You’ll notice a huge difference on your bill if you have it fixed by a plumber. Don’t wait until those cute little ghosts hear your scream and run away!

We hope you enjoy all the fun things going on in Middletown and Frederick County this Halloween weekend. If you need any help with plumbing problems, give Putman Plumbing a call!