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3 Water Saving Toilets You Should Know About

flushtoiletMost of us are aware of the benefits of limiting water usage. It’s better for the Earth, and it can cut down on your water bills. If it’s time to replace your toilets or if you’re just looking to install a water-saving toilet in your Frederick County home, here are a few that you might want to consider.

Power-Assist Toilets

A power or pressure-assist toilet works with a combination of water and compressed air for greater flushing power. There’s a pressure tank inside that works like a big water balloon: Water fills the tank and stays there under pressure, and when the flush valve opens, pressure and gravity create a strong flush. This type of toilet does the best job of clearing the bowl of solid waste, but it’s noisy and more expensive than some of the other water saving options.

Gravity Toilets

You’re probably familiar with the way a gravity toilets works since it’s very similar to the type that most of us have been using all our lives. Gravity toilets rely on gravity to pull waste and water into the sewer system. When you flush, a valve opens and the water inside the toilet tank moves into the toilet bowl. Water and waste move down quickly out of the toilet, past the drain and into the sewer system. The difference between a standard toilet and a gravity toilet comes in when it comes to water usage.  The newest gravity toilets have an adjustable water level allowing you to change the  flushing power as needed, but they can clog easily so you have to make sure nothing gets flushed besides toilet paper.

Vacuum Assist Toilets

These models cost slightly more than gravity toilets but are not as expensive as pressure-assist toilets. Their biggest plus is that they provide a powerful flush using vacuum technology. In the porcelain tank, there’s a vacuum tank that connects to the trapway. When someone flushes, water flowing from the tank creates suction in the vacuum tank and trapway to help suck waste out of the bowl. In lab tests, vacuum assist toilets cleared more waste than gravity toilets but not as much as pressure-assist models.


Putman Plumbing technicians can give you advice on the water-saving toilet that’s right for your home and your budget. Just give us a call to speak to a trusted Frederick County plumber today.