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Stay on Top of Sump Pump Problems to Avoid a Flooded Basement

It’s still winter in Frederick County, and we haven’t had to worry about a lot of melting snow causing flooding problems — yet.  But even if we do make it through to March without much snow, there’s an imminent rainy season ahead. To prepare now, make sure to consider the age of your sump pump and that it’s working well so you won’t have to deal with any surprise flooding in the basement this spring.

After a hard rain, it’s a shock to feel water on your feet at the bottom of the basement steps. A working sump pump is the only thing that can save your belongings if rainwater enters your basement. A sump is a reservoir below your basement intended to fill up when groundwater levels increase. The sump pump moves that water up to ground level away from your house where it can drain properly, instead of sitting in your basement and making it moldy.

How to Tell if There’s a Problem With Your Sump Pump

If your sump pump isn’t working well, you might notice:

  • Standing water around the sump pit and even flowing farther into your basement.
  • Smoke or steam coming from the pump, indicating it’s working too hard and is overheated.
  • It’s cycling on and off frequently, or running for several minutes at a time.

Possible Solutions

Your sump pump may need to be repaired or replaced. Here are some things plumbers look for when examining a unit that isn’t working right:

  • Age: a possible need for replacement – The typical sump pump should last for five to seven years, so if it’s having a hard time pumping the water out, it might just be getting too old.
  • Size: not big enough to hold the water – Your pump may be too small for the amount of water coming into your property. Having a larger pump might do the trick.
  • Electricity: you may need a backup plan – Since a sump pump is powered by electricity, if the power goes out, it will stop doing its job. It’s a good idea to have a battery-powered pump for backup.

Hire an Expert Plumber at Putman Plumbing to Fix or Replace Your Sump Pump

Working with an electrical appliance in water can be very dangerous, so don’t try to fix or install a sump pump yourself. We have the knowledge to diagnose and fix the problem safely, so give us a call and we’ll have your basement dry in no time.