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It’s Earth Day! Roll Out the Rain Barrels!

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Conserving water is one of the best ways to help love the earth. And Putman Plumbing has a great way to make it easy with our RainPerfect™ rain barrel pump!

Now you can collect rainwater and use it throughout your lawn or garden, conserving energy and water. And you won’t have to worry about not having enough water pressure to use a hose. That’s because our system comes with a pump… that’s actually powered by the sun! That’s right, not only can you reuse the rainwater but you can have it pumped to where you need it in the yard by the power of the sun! Yep! It’s a solar-powered rain barrel! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Call us or click here to learn more about how Putman Plumbing can help you help the earth with a rain barrel pump. It’s good to be green on Earth Day, and every day!