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Ask the Plumber: Sump Pumps

Q: I recently had a sump pump installed in my basement. Now a friend is telling me that may not be enough to keep the basement from flooding. What more can I do?

A: Installing a standard sump pump is a darn good start in preventing a flooded basement. However, usually with heavy rain comes wind, thunder and lightning – all with the potential to cause a power outage. Without electricity, a standard sump pump is useless until the power turns back on.

This is why you should consider a battery-powered backup sump pump system. Battery-powered backups set your mind at ease when those violent storms and prolonged downpours roll in. And they also guard against blown circuit breakers, main pump failures, float switch failures and excessive water inflow. Plus, battery-powered backups have a monitoring system that sounds an alarm whenever a problem arises or maintenance is required.

Most people aren’t aware of backup systems, or think they don’t need them. However, if you value the things stored in your basement, you’ll value having one. They’re much easier to install than your primary unit. Call us today, before another storm season threatens your peace of mind.